TESTIMONIALS OF UK STUDENT: University of Hertfordshire

May 11, 2021

Dao Phuong Linh – MA TESOL 2019/2020

Dao Phuong Linh – MA TESOL 2019/2020 (IELTS 8.5 at entry point)  – Senior Lecturer – Vietnam Commercial University

“Firstly, this course offered me a combination of theory and practice. After the course I gained hands on experience in teaching and in dealing with problems in classroom. It also helps me a lot in sharpening my academic writing skills and critical thinking skills.

Secondly, the tutors are especially helpful and encouraging. They always try their best to offer me and my classmates academic and emotional support, even during the their lunch break.

During the COVID lock down time when the university was closed, and we could not come to university, my tutors organised virtual coffee section every Monday so that we can see each other online,, and update each other on our lives, as well as dealing with academic problems together.

The campus is huge and has a lot of  green spaces so this is a very big plus point for anyone who loves nature like me. I love the LRC the most, both of them are really big and mordern.

Studying at UH was one of my best decisions I have ever made”.